Just For laughs The Stand up show German Moreno Motion DesignerJust For laughs The Stand up show German Moreno Motion Designer

The Stand-up Show

Just for Laughs

Broadcast Package design for The Stand-up show with Katherine Ryan. Equal parts classy, raw, elegant, and crude, Katherine brings her unique brand of self-aware humour to Montreal in this all-new stand-up series from Just For Laughs. Featuring some of the biggest names in comedy today, The Stand-Up Show delivers social commentary, laughter, and a stern warning to anyone thinking of visiting Sarnia Ontario.

CLIENT |  Just for Laughs, The Comedy Network
DELIVERABLES |  Identity, Broadcast package, Title sequence design
ROLE |  Art director, Motion Graphic Designer
STUDIO |  Ottoblix
YEAR 2019


TSUS_Intro 2018-09-30 07.22.40 PM@2xTSUS_Intro 2018-09-30 07.22.40 PM@2x
TSUS_Intro 2018-09-30 07.23.12 PM@2xTSUS_Intro 2018-09-30 07.23.12 PM@2x
TSUS_Intro 2018-09-30 07.23.23 PM@2xTSUS_Intro 2018-09-30 07.23.23 PM@2x
TSUS_Intro 2018-09-30 07.25.24 PM@2xTSUS_Intro 2018-09-30 07.25.24 PM@2x
TSUS_Intro 2018-09-30 07.25.45 PM@2xTSUS_Intro 2018-09-30 07.25.45 PM@2x
TSUS_Intro 2018-09-30 07.34.55 PM@2xTSUS_Intro 2018-09-30 07.34.55 PM@2x
TSUS_Intro 2018-09-30 07.35.06 PM@2xTSUS_Intro 2018-09-30 07.35.06 PM@2x