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Boomeo was an on-line training platform for E-sports athletes owned by the American talent agency WME IMG. The site offered a subscription-based service allowing athletes and enthusiasts to train and warm up. Combining a high production quality, motion graphics, discovery and formatting features, the user experience was unequaled, allowing 500,000 unique users to visit the site on a daily basis. Gamification and rewards were also applied to the overall experience of the site, allowing the users to further engage with the product and community.

CLIENT |  Boomeo
AGENCY |  WME IMG (William Morris Endeavor)
DELIVERABLES |  Product design, brand identity, video content & advertising
ROLE |  Digital Design Lead
YEAR 2016-17


Boomeo csgo German Moreno Mobile@2xBoomeo csgo German Moreno Mobile@2x
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German_Moreno_Motion Designer_Canada_Boomeo csgo4German_Moreno_Motion Designer_Canada_Boomeo csgo4
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